From Conversation to Reservation – Get More Tinder Dates

If you read my previous article on how I moved from 2 matches to 8-10 matches daily, you’re probably here wondering, well how the hell do I get dates?!? Well, that’s what we will discuss here. We have all had the experience of meeting someone and hitting it off. Everything seems great and then boom, you get ghosted. It hurts and does drop your confidence, leaves you wondering if they were faking it. I mean why would you match with me then not want to talk, unmatch immediately, or just refuse to ever meet. It just doesn’t add up.

I grew tired of that poor experience and wanted some change. I decided I’d find out what exactly the problem was, or who the problem was. I decided I’d be willing to embarrass myself if that’s what it takes to get some results, but I was fed up.

The first thing I tried was the common approach, the super repulsive approach which doesn’t work and is very inappropriate. I got unmatched as soon as the message was seen in 4/5 attempts. One girl stuck around and she was pretty cool about it. But we don’t talk much, a partial success I guess. And for those who can’t immediately figure it out, I was sending d*ck pics on match. DO NOT DO THIS. Or do, it’s your risk. Pretty unpleasant I’d say. I mostly wish I could apologize to them but my pain is your knowledge.

My second attempt was the typical boring approach. “Hey”, “Sup”, “Hi beautiful”, “Hey, how are you”. Boring. Very boring. It got responses. I didn’t get unmatched but many messages went read and no responses. A few were willing to see where the convo would go. I tested this more extensively as I wasn’t getting unmatched as much as the first attempt. Since I started testing a total of 28 convos were started with boring openers. Results were as follows; about 3 new friends, got their number and continued speaking on WhatsApp, got unmatched by about 5, and around 13 didn’t respond. There are about 7 active/inactive convos in tinder which started from a boring starter.

The third attempt was trying to force jokes and force wittiness. It had a varying success rate. Some really digged it, some found it a bit corny. This was truly a 50/50. You either straight up make an impact or it doesn’t work out. I tested this with about 14 matches, and only 1 unmatched, I think 5 or 6 had really good feedback, 3 ignored me and the rest are just being polite.

From those tests, I quickly concluded people are just different and it’s not always me at fault, I did see some places where I could’ve improved my conversational skills. However, the true trick to getting women to like you is just in how you communicate. There are no tricks to it. And trust me, I’ve had many conversations with guys far more attractive than myself, they get more responses but they have just as many failed attempts and even more.

It all comes down to a genuine connection between you and the woman you’re trying to get out on a date. Try to mix it up and don’t be afraid of losing her, don’t lie. Be as genuine as you can, be a bit vulnerable, tell a lie here and there(don’t be too honest, nobody likes that), and try to be a bit funny. If she digs it and you go out, then it’ll be great. Otherwise, if you fake it and all you go out, that’s going to be the worst night of your life. I can tell you that for sure.

And one last thing to note, it’s not you all the time. Sometimes it’s the woman, some of them are literally the worst txters I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a list of 3 types of txters I just hate and avoid as soon as I see them exhibiting traits:

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