How to Get More Matches on Tinder Without a Premium Account

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you don’t get matches on tinder? Don’t worry about it, you’re probably ugly. Kidding, of course(or am I?). However, many times it’s just the way we create our profiles. As a man I just swipe right on every woman which I consider to be a 6 or above, it’s simple. I don’t even scroll through the profile, I just swipe. Women do just swipe as well, but only for the extremely handsome(I’m ugly too, it’s okay if I called you ugly).

I personally had very bad match rates on tinder but then I went in search of what could have been the reasons these women find me so repulsive. After hours of researching and even purchasing books, I found the secret to matches to be in the following two simple changes.

Before the change I was averaging about 2 matches daily, I had 4 profile pictures which were pretty basic and a simple bio. My bio read “I’m trying to create genuine, authentic connections. Open to deep discussions”. I guess I should’ve expected the average 2 matches with an average profile huh? Well, let me tell you, after I made these 2 changes I quickly moved up from a mere 2 matches daily up to 8 matches with the most being 18. I’ve also found myself getting upwards of 30 super likes daily, before the changes I’d get between 5 and 11 super likes. And the best part of all this, the women were attractive(well some of them at least).

The first change, a simple yet very effective change.  As human beings we love being happy, we all desire happiness and we actively seek it. All my profile pics were focused on looking as handsome as I possibly could, which is not a bad thing. However, persons on tinder typically want to have fun, drop the serious guy act. I completely changed my pics, I started uploaded just 3 this time:

1) This image was a self-portrait I had on a shirt and a chain, it wasn’t gold or anything special. Just some beads, my facial expression? Smiling. Also, I used a Snapchat filter, damn those things make me look handsome.

2) This image was of me and 2 buds, we were all smiling, drinks in hand our clothes were pretty average.

3) This was a goofy pic, I was shirtless and no I’m not a steroided super muscular freak. While I do have muscles the image was cropped and didn’t include this at all. The pic was upside down and this one was without a Snapchat filter and yes. I smiled.

This straight-up increased my match rate to about 5 daily, it felt like I was in heaven. My confidence shot up. I made the change and started smiling because of some scientific readings that I had seen which suggested people like to see happy people. You can read more about that [].

My second change was a simple but clear one, this wasn’t from research but just being a bit clever and witty. So you remember that boring, old, adult bio that I had? Well, I changed it to something really witty. My new bio read “I don’t even like people, I’m just on here swiping 10s cause I’m bored. Are you a 10?”. I don’t think I have to explain this but for those who don’t quite understand why it works. It’s simple, If she matches with me, then I think she’s a 10. It’s mostly about her, she wants to know if she’s a 10, even if she already knows. She wants that validation, and if she matches me, she’ll get it.

Those are my two tips which moved me from a mean 2 matches per day to a solid 8 – 10 daily. I don’t have a premium account and as such my daily swipes and likes are limited. But this still works.

However, after you match, what do you do? Do you already have high matches but never really move pass 1 or 2 messages. Or do you get unmatched frequently? This problem hit me right after I solved the issue of being unable to get more than 2 matches daily. I found a high unmatch rate and a low response rate. But just as I did here, I went ahead and found the solution. You can read more by clicking the link below, you’ll learn:

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